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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 11-03-2021

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Birgit Gross, UAE

I am proud to be Power Grids because the diversity in our organization is just unique! Just in the UAE we have over 45 nationalities working within the team. This inclusive environment creates all the conditions for innovation and creativity and provides opportunities to empower and find extraordinary talents for further career growth and learning.

"As HR Operations Lead for Middle East Africa and Country HR for UAE Oversight, I am discovering the Hitachi brand with pride in every aspect of my life. Knowing about the breadth and depth of the Hitachi products and solutions portfolio inspires me. Creating this brand equity brings value to my life too.

I am fascinated with our unique corporate culture and the opportunity to build more meaningful relationships with colleagues from various cultures, religion, nationalities, talent, etc. I am thrilled to be allowed to work with people to help build teams within the power grids across the Middle East and Africa region; and being able to contribute to such a diverse organization that is highly motivated and open to learn new ways of working to maximize the productivity and optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.

As part of the group-wide environmental requirements, Human Resource (HR) plays an important role in improving the energy and resource efficiency on the individual and organizational behavioural level. We regularly re-evaluate our HR practices and management systems according to the required standards and adopt new work technologies.

Our coming together with Hitachi excites me because I get to become a part of an organization that explores synergies in different areas and where we, in the HR function, can add the expected value to support business priorities."