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Meet Our People Montreal, Canada 19-05-2022

3 min read

Ahmad is accelerating the decarbonization of mobility in North America

Introducing Ahmad Choukair— our inspiring colleague who is an Account Manager in Montreal, Canada, helping to advance sustainable mobility in North America.

My name is Ahmad Choukair, and I am an Account Manager for the Front-End Sales organization in Canada. As an electrical engineer by profession and sales savvy by passion, I joined Hitachi Energy in May 2020. A few of months after my arrival, I was mandated to manage the transport industry in the province of Quebec. This is when Hitachi Energy launched its Grid-eMotion Fleet solution. One of my roles throughout the past two years has been to bring this innovative offering to local transport authorities who are seeking to electrify their fleets. I became the contact person for some of Quebec’s largest public transit service providers.


Helping Customers and Partners Solve Complex Climate Challenges 

In order to deliver a compelling pitch to our partners, the Front-End Sales team must first understand and clearly define our customers’ needs. Hitachi Energy is not only providing a charging infrastructure to these transit authorities, but more importantly, we are supporting them decarbonize their bus fleets. All of these investments help secure a better future— a more sustainable and ecofriendly environment for today’s generations and those to come. 

Our most recent milestone was with the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), an urban public transit provider in the Quebec City region, that was looking to electrify its bus fleet. The Front-End Sales team was very successful at positioning our Grid-eMotion technology as being the most innovative solution available in the current market, and as a result, we will be providing all the charging equipment for the RTC’s eBus trial project. The first ever Grid-eMotion Fleet project in North America for eBuses! 

This is why I love my job – being able to provide value to customers and solve their complex problems through sustainable solutions.  

I like tackling challenges head-on and seeing them through to fruition. Which is why I remember receiving a compliment for my dedication. Perseverance and dedication were key to this North American eBus success story. Our team has been influencing the Quebec market and particularly the RTC since 2020; it took over 20 months of continuous dedication and teamwork to win this project.

I am extremely proud to be Hitachi Energy and exemplify our values to our customers. We are not only an electrical manufacturing organization— we bring game-changing solutions that address some of society’s most complex problems and drive innovation anywhere we can. We value listening to our customers, fostering collaboration, and bringing a positive impact to life in civil society. I strongly believe that we are more than just a supplier— we are partners of choice!