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e-mesh for e-mobility

Reduce the cost of charging EVs with more renewable, more reliable power from distributed energy resources. The e-mesh portfolio delivers vertically-integrated real-time power management with energy management and optimization to solve grid supply challenges for your charging assets.

Global transportation electrification trends, for both private vehicle fleets and public transit, are driving a rising need for technology solutions leveraging digitalization to deliver decarbonization and cost reduction to ensure electricity charge large numbers of electric vehicles (EVs).

Today’s and tomorrow’s challenges call for advanced technologies to control, optimize and coordinate the vehicle charging process and integrate it with stationary battery energy storage systems (BESS) and local distributed energy resources (DERs).

Hitachi Energy e-meshTM provides a complete suite of power and energy management solutions designed to support EV charging infrastructure. Including energy storage and digital monitoring and control, e-mesh enables organizations to optimize their power use and support the journey towards electrification.

Different use cases pose different challenges that can be addressed with different solutions and a combination of e-mesh portfolio products.

Learn more about the different use cases in the e-mobility space, it’s specific challenges and solutions, please download our brochure.

e-mobility solutions

Discover how Hitachi Energy helps you connect, charge, and optimize your fleets. Say goodbye to complexity and guesswork with our solutions that ensure resilient operations. Trade surplus energy back to the grid and effortlessly pave the way for electric fleets. Join us on the journey to greener transportation!

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