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e-mesh™ Energy Management System

Energy management system (EMS) for distributed energy resources

Improve energy efficiency and economical gains with accurate demand planning and generation forecasting

Decentralized grid, the cap on carbon footprint and pressure to minimize energy costs are some of the key challenges faced by the energy industry today. While microgrids and battery energy storage offer the advantage of reliable and affordable power, ensuring peak productivity from the sites always is not viable without a sophisticated energy management application in place.

Hitachi Energy e-mesh EMS is an optimizer suite that provides additional features for the energy management of distributed energy resources. The EMS application is flexible and scalable and can be extended to integrate renewables, conventional power generation sources, and loads like EV chargers.

For more information, please download our brochure and datasheet.


  • Reduce CO2 emissions and minimize energy costs
  • Realize economic gains by selling excess production
  • Provides renewables power generation forecasting
  • Enable intraday, day ahead market participation and trading
  • Predict and avoid site interruptions to ensure continuous operations
  • Enhanced visibility into energy saving
  • Insightful and handy reports for business executives

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