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Meet Our People Virginia, United States 21-02-2022

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Ryland is bringing positive energy to communities where we operate

Ryland Clark - Community Relations and Engagement Manager
Ryland Clark – our inspiring colleague who is the Community Relations and Engagement Manager for our transformer factories in South Boston and Bland, Virginia.

My name is Ryland Clark, and I recently moved to a new role as Community Relations and Engagement Manager for Hitachi Energy. I will be working to partner with all communities around our VA plants to find synergies with our company’s goals and the community’s mission.

Previously, I was the Facilities and Traction Operations manager at our South Boston, Virginia transformer factory. For that role, I was responsible of managing the hundreds of thousands of square feet of factory space in facilities and maintenance to keep the equipment running so that our employees can produce a high-quality product safely for our customers. The other half of my role is to run the operations and project management of our very exciting transformer product line for trains. This new product line in the United States will serve the nation’s high speed rail expansion and its existing rail market. The ability to upkeep and improve a large facility while also being able to work in a cutting-edge sector of train traction transformers makes each day exciting and challenging. 


Empowering communities for today’s generations and those to come 

What I enjoy most about my work is that it supports our small town and surrounding communities. We are the third largest employer in our county and our business supports the top two employers which are our school system and the hospital. Our work at the Hitachi Energy factory is the backbone of our county, schools, local theatre, youth programs, and the overall quality of life in Halifax County, Virginia.  

A crowd of people come together to watch an event in South Boston, Virginia
South Boston is a town in Halifax County, Virginia, United States.

One of my core values is serving the community and working to create a better environment for those to live in. Hitachi Energy bridges my work to the community through volunteerism, donations, and serving on local committees. Some examples are the peer mentor role model program, the walk for hope for local cancer patients, the local robotics club (who went to the world championships!), local theater for youth development, sponsoring gym scholarships for low-income youth through the YMCA and supporting boys and girls athletics from youth sports through high school. Not only does my role allow me to connect with the community, but it also creates opportunities for employees in small towns to travel the country and the world and brings those experiences back to support the region. 

I am most fulfilled when I can serve my community and support my coworkers to make our facility better, safer, and help foster thriving work environments. I was the proudest when I was told how dedicated I am to the community and the employees that surround me.  

South Boston sponsored baseball field and peer mentor role model
South Boston sponsored baseball field and peer mentor role model

I have the privilege to show up each day and work with such a diverse group of people. Through our collaboration, teamwork, and steady engagement, we can learn from one another while also working to achieve, not only company goals, but personal ones too. Being able to provide new opportunities and experiences to colleagues, such as flying in a plane for the first time or leading a project on their own is rewarding for everyone and produces a sense of pride in the individual and pride to work for our company. 

The biggest reward for me is the ability to successfully complete a project or event that involves our community and the employees I work with. Having the community feel like a part of our factory and for us to equally support the community creates a perfect environment for synergies that support both. To be complimented about my dedication is an absolute honor and gives me the motivation to keep doing my best. 

What brings me joy is my dedication and commitment to not only the people I work with, but the community that I am in. Hitachi Energy embraces and embodies the same values which makes me #ProudToBeHitachiEnergy.  

Hitachi Energy is committed to each and every employee from all walks of life. The work we do has allowed me to travel to different locations around the world and allowed me to gain experiences and understand new cultures and new perspectives. Through this, I show up more knowledgeable and confident to understand different points of views. I feel empowered to be successful in my role and encouraged to do what I love. This allows me to look forward to coming to work each day to see what we can accomplish together as team. Each day we are able to push our facility, our community, and our company forward to support a sustainable future for everyone.