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Synchronous Condenser System

Synchronous condensers for increased network stability

Hitachi Energy's rotating condenser's short-circuit power and high inertia compliments the fast response time of our Static Var Compensators (SVC), offering an unrivalled system solution.

Hitachi Energy's high inertia rotating condensers support efficient and reliable operation of Hitachi Energy, balancing voltage fluctuations through reactive power compensation and offering additional short-circuit power capacity and high power quality.

Using competitive standardized 50-75 MVA modules, Hitachi Energy can tailor complete systems up to 350 MVA. The fast and compact solution, cutting-edge technology and fully compatible control equipment delivers the best performance and optimum cost efficiency with extremely low harmonic emission.

To ensure enduring and reliable operation, our synchronous condensers are designed for high reliability, durability and the capability to operate for long periods of time between recommended service intervals.

Hitachi Energy's FACTS and Power Consulting departments, with extensive experience in solving power quality issues to different kinds of customers around the world, can support in defining the exact configuration and size of the required compensation system. Our delivery capabilities includes pure Synchronous Condenser Systems, as well as hybrid configurations with STATCOMs, which are optimal solutions when short circuit and inertia issues are combined with other power quality challenges. 

We can provide up to the complete turn key solution, starting with simulation models and studies which are increasingly important with the new challenges in the transmission systems...

Key customer benefits

  • Additional short-circuit power
    • Increased transmission capacity
    • Excellent fault ride through capability
  • Heavy inertia
    • Increased network stiffness and stability
  • High overload capability
    • Support during prolonged voltage sags
  • Possibility to supply and absorb reactive power
  • Combined benefits of STATCOM solutions with hybrid configurations
  • Easy maintenance and worldwide support
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