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Voltage Transformer EMF (52 - 145/170 kV)

Capable of withstanding the harshest environments

EMF inductive voltage transformers are of single-phase design and intended for connection between phase and ground in networks with insulated or direct-grounded neutral points. It is being manufactured and delivered since the 1950s.

In the EMF version the unique quartz filling minimizes the quantity of oil and allows a simple and reliable expansion system, whilst the EMF-E offers an oil-filled light weight version.


  • Revenue metering 
  • Protective relaying 
  • System control and indication of power flow

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Our experts can assist and advise you with advice on finding the optimum solutions for your site conditions 
  • Designed for a wide range of conditions, from polar to desert climate 

Brief performance data

    EMF EMF -E
Installation   Outdoor Outdoor
Design   Inductive type Inductive type- light version
Insulation   Oil-paper quartz Oil-paper
Highest voltage for equipment kV 52 - 170 52 -145
Voltage factor (Vf)   Up to 1.9/8 hrs Up to 1.9/8hrs
Insulators   Porcelain/polymeric Porcelain/polymeric
Creepage distance mm/kV ≥ 25 
Longer on request
≥ 25 
Longer on request
Ambient temperature ºC -40 to +40 
Others on request
-40 to +40 
Others on request
Design altitude m Maximum 1000
Others on request
Maximum 1000
Others on request

Get to know more

In earthquake prone areas, high voltage equipment must withstand the tremendous seismic stresses caused by earthquakes. Normally, calculations are performed to see how well the equipment withstands these stresses. But if the customer requests it, the calculations can be verified with a shaking table test.

This video shows seismic testing performed on current transformers with porcelain, as well as polymeric insulators. During the test the instrument transformers are submitted to forces of from 0,5 - 1g, according to IEEE standard.

Watch video - low resolution (42,03 MB)

Watch video - high resolution (245,56 MB)

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