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Mobile Transformers and Mobile Substation Transformers

Temporary power and rapid-response transformer solutions

The definition of Mobile Transformer (MT) or Mobile Substation Transformer (MoSST) may vary from customer to customer, from manufacturer, and even from one part of the world to another.

A mobile substation is designed to bring electricity temporarily to areas that have lost it. They are used during:

  • planned maintenance,
  • temporary substation capacity increase,
  • forced outage repairs,
  • weather and other natural outages,
  • sabotage and attacks, or
  • as a spare or backup solution.

Besides mobility, the MT and MoSST offer service providers time to make repairs and get service back on. The mobile substation is also useful when maintenance work is needed on substations. This keeps consumer's power from being shut off during repairs. Their compact size also makes the units easier to use in small areas.  Their flexibility allows them to be switched from one task to another relatively easily.


Mobile Transformer

A Mobile Transformer (MT) is a transformer that often is mounted on a leak-proof base and can be installed and operated in a semi-trailer, box truck or sea freight container. MTs are factory built and tested and delivered completely assembled and oil-filled. They can be installed on site in a matter of hours, and they can also be detached from their moving base (semi-trailer, box truck or sea-freight container) for operations.


Mobile Substation Transformer

These transformers are part of a mobile substation, which also include switchgear, breakers, control and protection circuits. This mobile power station can be on location within 24 hours and provide temporary electrical power to the downed area. The units are designed for outdoor use, some having with a long-life, durable coating. Their greatest advantage is in the ability to move from one location to another quickly.

Transformadores de interconexión de sistemas y subestaciones