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A Network Management System for Hitachi Energy communication equipment

A reliable & flexible communication network lies at the heart of successful electrical grid operations. A comprehensive management system can ensure this reliability and flexibility by providing accurate realtime status information, the ability to analyse network disturbances quickly and fast reconfiguration of routes as required.

FOXMAN-UN, one of the elements in Hitachi Energy's comprehensive NMS suite, is a powerful toolset providing all the essentials of a Network Management System, such as network status, alarm notification, and enhanced circuit provisioning functionality.

The graphical user interface presents the deployed network on many different levels, from an overview of the entire network down to equipment ports. Detailed status information can also be retrieved directly from alarm list entries.

Special views, such as Synchronisation Status, support the configuration and maintenance of your communication network, while context-sensitive menus, an intuitive operating concept, and an online help system, make FOXMAN-UN easy to use.

FOXMAN-UN is a modular system, generally used for networks having more than 10 elements. It can be expanded to manage networks with up to 5,000 elements and offers features for access and backbone networks.

FOXMAN-UN Network Management System

Various tools help you to keep an eye on your network

FOXMAN-UN automatically discovers the communication network for network elements that have recently been inserted. At the same time, their position, type, cross connection tables, interface parameters, etc. are uploaded into the FOXMAN-UN database and can be displayed on the screen. FOX515 networks can also be configured without direct connection to the system. Entire networks with FOX515 network elements, their interconnections (sections, paths), their geographical positions, all their parameter settings and cross connection tables, etc. can be prepared offline for download to the FOX515 when the networks are installed.

FOXMAN-UN supports a graphical and hierarchical representation of the network. There are no limits on the number of hierarchical levels, and any number of customer-specific background bitmaps may be selected. Different domains can be created which controls access for specific users to corresponding parts of the communication network.

The fault management capabilities of FOXMAN-UN reduce the effects of errors on the service quality by means of functions for alarming, error retrieval, and testing. The alarms in all network elements (e.g. loss of signal, loss of synchronization, loss of frame, etc.) are continuously supervised to detect state changes.

FOXMAN-UN supports five different alarm severity levels according to the TMN standards; the severity of individual alarms may be modified by the operator.

Network elements and sections are displayed in different colors, according to their alarm state. If an alarm is detected, the color of the icon is changed. The operator can get more information about the alarms by clicking on the icon.

Alarms can be traced down to the smallest replaceable unit (e.g. card), and further down to channel/ subunit level.

The FOXMAN-UN security management ensures that unauthorized persons do not have access to data and functions of the system by providing configurable, fine grained access control features for individual user accounts, and network partitioning.

Network partitioning functionality is fully supported by FOXMAN-UN. This means that communication networks can be segmented into several independent partitions with access to each partition restricted to a defined group of operators.

Various Hitachi Energy communication equipment has been integrated into FOXMAN-UN which allows its use as an overall management system, supervising your communication network consisting of different network element types, including different technologies such as optical fibers or power line carrier communication. The diagram “FOXMAN-UN managed equipment” gives an overview of Hitachi Energyequipment which can presently be managed by FOXMAN-UN. Third party devices can be integrated using the SNMP southbound interface.

Hitachi Energy's  FOX515 and FOX615 equipment has integrated interfaces for protection applications of power lines. Those modules provide interface ports which comply with the specific application requirements in terms of security, dependability and channel availability

Management of this functionality is integrated in FOXMAN-UN – this means one system to manage both telecommunication and teleprotection. The advantages of this situation are many, not least being enhanced availability due to fast reaction times, and minimization of operational and maintenance effort. Application specific data such as trip counters, channel delay time measurements based on loop tests, event records with time synchronization, and channel performance of teleprotection channels which is supervised by means of error counters, is readily available from the graphic interface. Having all this information at your fingertips enables rapid analysis of fault location.

Performance management supervises the quality of individual data channels in a network. If predefined threshold levels are exceeded, alarms will be activated. This facilitates the task of the network operator to provide high service quality to the subscriber and to constantly supervise it. As a rule, the performance data in the network elements is measured and calculated according to the ITU-T G.826 standard. This feature is available for FOX515/512, FOX615/612, and FOX660.

Synchronization of network elements and how the clock information is propagated through the network, determines the integrity of information transmission through the network. To ensure that this operates correctly, FOXMAN-UN provides the synchronization view, an overview showing paths and dependencies, i.e. a synchronization map.

The current synchronization timing source information is collected from FOX515/512 or FOX615/612 network elements and shown as a graphical diagram (synchronization map).

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