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EnCompass™ Agreements for Transformer Service

Optimal framework for cutting complexity, controlling cost, and maximizing asset value

Hitachi Energy offers long-term agreements called EnCompass™ Agreement, which combine services in a modular and flexible way to meet a wide range of maintenance requirements over the full lifecycle of our transformer.​

Hitachi Energy Service recognizes that your energy transition begins with your existing infrastructure. Leveraging our century of experience and expertise, our dedicated team delivers exceptional service solutions that cover the entire lifecycle of your assets, ensuring resilient operations. We offer expert advice at every stage of the process as your partner and collaborator, addressing both present and future needs to help you achieve a sustainable and secure energy future.​

​Our EnCompass™ Agreements pave the way for sustainable and resilient end-to-end support, covering products, systems and accessing specialized services tailored to your needs.

Benefits of EnCompass™ Agreements

Exclusive 24/7 premium access to our industry-leading expertise and insights, empowering you to make informed pathway choices
Creates easier and faster access to our vast service portfolio of integrated and scalable services across Hitachi Energy, driving your increased productivity
Designed with maximum flexibility to deliver your customized program to meet/exceed your energy system requirements
Continually leveraging our expertise in technology, sustainability, and resilience to realize your energy system of the future

The EnCompass™ Agreements offering include two main type of agreements:

EnCompass™ Frame

Frame agreements offering easy contracting.
The vehicle for faster and easier access to service.

EnCompass™ Service

Service agreements offering round-the-clock support and modular contracting.
Customized Service Level Agreement for our full-service portfolio.

We work with you to understand your short, medium, and long-term goals.

If you need We can offer
Timely local and remote support? Prioritized rapid response to issues
High asset utilization? Optimized equipment and processes
Added asset and process support? Services supporting maintenance
Lower production costs? Reduced variable production expenses
Improved and updated skills? Training for plant personnel
Longer asset lifecycle? Increased return on investment
New features and functions? Equipment lifecycle support
Higher production? Maximized asset availability
Parts and repair availability? Equipment repair support
High asset and process reliability? Predictable asset performance

TXpert™ Services

Our TXpert™ Services offer advanced diagnostic services based on data and intelligence of the open, scalable, and manufacturer-agnostic TXpert™ Ecosystem. Click to learn more.

Assess & Secure

Hitachi Energy offers online monitoring and asset management solutions, including diagnostic consulting services.

Parts & Maintain

Hitachi Energy offers genuine, high-quality spare parts along with basic and advanced maintenance services.

Train & Develop

Hitachi Energy offers training programs to support your maintenance, operations, and engineering teams.


Our Global Service Teams are here to support you anytime!

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Transformer service

Aging assets, rising energy demand, and the critical need to avoid unplanned outages are challenging worldwide utilities and industrials. The service portfolio of Hitachi Energy allows utilities and industrials to maximize the return on transformer assets by ensuring high reliability, reducing life cycle costs, and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.
Hitachi Energy Power Transformers


Hitachi Energy offers distribution and power transformers, Dry-type and EconiQ™ Transformers as well as services, for industrial and commercial applications.

EnCompass™ Agreements

Our Encompass Agreements are a set of services that provide premium access to round-the-clock support, covering your products and systems and are enhanced with the ability to customize the level of support you require in order to meet your strategic goals.