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Innovative solutions designed for the offshore environment

A step-change in delivering the energy needs of tomorrow through a ruggedized, proven portfolio that addresses the unique challenges of the offshore energy environment. The OceaniQ portfolio will result in greater volumes of energy being efficiently harvested and integrated into the world’s energy system.

What is OceaniQ?

OceaniQ is Hitachi Energy’s innovative offshore portfolio of products, solutions, and services for reducing costs, increasing safety and improving efficiency for the offshore segment. Combining cross-industry competence from the power and marine sectors, the portfolio addresses applications for fixed platforms, floating structures and sub-sea power systems for wind, marine and other offshore operators.


Specifically designed and ruggedized for the marine conditions 


Solutions deployed offshore in floating, subsea and fixed structures applications


Services performed offshore remotely and on-site

In OceaniQ, our world-class engineers take pride in pioneering solutions that overcome harsh offshore conditions and ultimately, help society move towards a carbon-neutral future.

Bruno Melles
Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Transformers Business Unit

Benefits of OceaniQ


Reducing cost & time

Decreasing installation/upgrade complexity and cost with modular, compact and interoperable solutions


Increasing safety & security

Enabling remote operations so that operators can monitor and control offshore assets from onshore


Improving efficiency & sustainability

Resilient renewable energy with greater efficiency and up-time from real-time monitoring and predictive analytics

Game changing portfolio

With OceaniQ, Hitachi Energy offers a full qualified portfolio of transformers and services for the offshore industry, for fixed bottom, floating and subsea applications: Wind turbine transformers, transformers for offshore substations, shunt reactors, earthing transformers, components and services.

  • Extensive experience of +20 years addressing the offshore challenges.
  • Technology pioneer: New generation of giant off-shore turbines, compact solutions, sustainability, floating and subsea applications.
  • Powering and connecting the largest wind turbines and windfarms.

The first OceaniQ™ portfolio includes a complete range of transformers and reactors for floating applications​.

The 'first of its kind' to surpass the impossible of today…​

Waves height

60+ meters

Depth or seabed not suitable for bottom-fix​

15+ meters

Waves with associated vibrations and shocks​

Hardened to withstand marine conditions and qualification for floating offshore​

A complete offshore wind transformer portfolio enabled for floating from the nacelle to the connection point​
A complete offshore wind transformer portfolio enabled for floating from the nacelle to the connection point​

Modal load and fatigue analysis to meet the qualification criteria (all the equipment and individual components)

  • Specific focus on structure fatigue effects
  • Collaboration with product specialists, foundation experts, and topside experts
  • Diverse extreme environments in different locations (US, Japan, North Europe, etc)

OceaniQ includes a full qualified portfolio of floating transformers, shunt reactors, wind turbine transformers, earthing transformers, components.

Reach the full potential of your offshore environment

Wind power is one of Earth’s bountiful and free-giving natural resources and through the OceaniQ offshore portfolio, customers will be able to harness and integrate it more efficiently.

Alfredo Parres
Head of Renewables at Hitachi Energy