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Wireless Networks

Wireless networks

Foundational technology for a more reliable, efficient, and secure electric world

Communications networks are the backbone of smart grids, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementations, smart cities, and more. With Hitachi Energy’s industrial-grade networks, you can depend on a highly reliable, secure, manageable, and scalable foundation that meets your performance and capacity requirements for demanding applications. Our wireless networks are specifically designed for power utilities, mining operations, oil and gas installations, and other critical infrastructure.

Meet the challenge with Hitachi Energy networks
Distance, extreme weather, complex deployments

Meet the challenge with Hitachi Energy networks

Hitachi Energy network equipment is field-proven to withstand harsh operating environments because it is designed to comply with industry standards and pass rigorous testing. For example, our new TRO670 router is IP67 rated to ensure that devices are waterproof. Testing covers extreme vibration, winds up to 125 miles per hour, temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic interference. For operations within electric power substations, Hitachi Energy devices comply with IEC61850 / IEEE 1613. They also have ATEX Zone 2 certification for explosive conditions. 

This makes Hitachi Energy networks robust solutions for indoor and outdoor installation and urban or remote locations.

Comprehensive fleet management, simplified

You also can seamlessly integrate our wireless products into SuprOS, an enterprise-class network management platform that provides you with full network observability through a single-pane-of-glass view. For large fleets of distributed automation devices, SuprOS enables centralized management of firmware, configuration, security, and monitoring.  

High availability and reliability

Always-on, high-performance devices specifically designed for critical operational applications

Backward compatibility

Backward compatibility related to network devices and connectivity to legacy devices through serial and contact interfaces


Multi-layer security architecture with certificate-based authentication supported by PKI to minimize cyber threats.


Efficient power consumption for long lifecycle deployments


Minimized opex/capex with converged LTE and 802.11 for the most affordable network configuration and centralized, carrier-grade management

SuprOS Network Management

Comprehensive fleet management system for distribution and communication solutions


To accommodate a wide range of technical needs, Hitachi Energy offers comprehensive wireless network connectivity options, including broadband, narrowband mesh, and cellular wireless communications. All these technologies can be optimally combined into a converged communication network optimized and tailored to your specific operating environments and requirements.


Hitachi Energy offers a wide range of network connectivity – broadband wireless communications, point-to-point/point-to-multipoint, narrowband mesh, and cellular, that can be optimally combined to build a complete communication network optimized for each operating requirement.


Get the most from your network and protect your investment with Hitachi Energy’s comprehensive wireless services.

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