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Engineering and Advisory

Engineering and Advisory includes performance improvement, assessment and studies. These services helps you identify ways to improve the reliability, availability and security of your FACTS system. Our team of experts can check the current status of your system.


Assessment helps you to understand the lifecycle status of your FACTS System. We can assist you in identifying critical equipment and how to minimize risks. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the condition of your system. The assessment is an objective basis for decision, helping you to achieve a long term reliable system. Every part of the system is categorized according to Hitachi Energy's definition of equipment lifecycle status: active, classic, limited or obsolete. Your Hitachi Energy representative will know the site and equipment and with a tailor-made service agreement, a sustainable long-term plan can be developed, helping you to plan in advance and budget for maintenance.


Hitachi Energy FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems) supports our customers with in-depth FACTS studies to raise understanding and awareness. Consulting Studies will help you identify ways to improve the reliability, availability and security of your FACTS System. Our team of FACTS experts will check the current status of your system and its dependencies of the surrounding grid, and the surrounding environment. Knowing the condition of your FACTS system and the surrounding effects from the grid, we will be able to prevent and protect the system against potential problems. 

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