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Rail SFC Light - solution for 16.7Hz and 25Hz rail electrification

The Rail SFC Light converter is a perfect fit for the demanding Rail application. It is designed to feed 16.7Hz and 25Hz single phase railway grids while balancing the load on the three phase feeding grid. 

The use of robust and loss optimized semiconductors ensures highest efficiency, reliability and long lifetime of the converter. A modular converter allows to use standardized cells while at the same time matching the project specific demand. 

The proven control algorithms that are already feeding more than 1.5GW into railway systems allow stable availability of the railway grid supply also for islanded grids as well as after fault recovery and ensure the desired converter reaction to transients and grid faults. The mechanical design supports the high availability through fast and easy access to all components and minimized maintenance and replacement times. 

Picture: ABB

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