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Generator circuit-breaker HVR-63 up to 63 kA

The latest generation of generator circuit-breaker (GCB)

With the new HVR-63 GCB, Hitachi Energy continues to lead the way in designing the most advanced GCBs.

The HVR-63 is the latest generation Hitachi Energy GCB and it is best suited for retrofits or replacement in power plants with unit power of up to 180 MW. The open design and small footprint makes it ideal for open and cubicle installations, and for short-circuit ratings of up to 63 kA.

The innovative built-in direct contact erosion indicator offers a clear visualization of the remaining length of the arcing contact for the highest degree of safety and reliability, especially for power plants with frequent switching operations such as hydro power plants.

The HVR GCB is available as HVR-63XS with rated continuous current of up to 6,300 A or as HVR-63S with rated continuous currents of up to 8,000 A. Both variants offer flexible busbar connection.


  • Replacement and retrofit of power plants up to 180 MW
  • Open or cubicle installations
  • Power plants with the smallest space requirements

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Smallest footprint
  • Mechanical ablation measurement
  • The only GCB with built-in direct contact erosion indicator for highest safety and reliability
  • Fully type tested according to IEEE C37.013, the worldwide GCB standard
Available options:

Brief performance data

Type HVR-63XS HVR-63S
Rated maximum voltage [kV] 24 24
Rated frequency [Hz] 50 / 60 50 / 60
Rated power frequency withstand voltage [kV] 60 60
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage [kV] 125 125
Rated normal current [A] up to 6,300 up to 8,000
Rated short-circuit breaking current [kA] 63 63

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