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Transport (Aerospace/Railway)

Aerospace Applications

Our machined parts can be used for transportation as very similar high requirements on the machining process are applied as for our insulation materials. We serve the aerospace market by machining components for various rocket types:

  • Ariane 6, Ariane 5 (final launch took place in July 2023)
  • Vega-C
  • Atlas-V
  • Vulcan
  • and various other types.

One of our aerospace customers is manufacturing the pay load fairings and our machined laminates are applied as support for openings and corner segments. For this application aerospace grade of glass fiber laminates have been selected. The manufactured parts are e.g.:

  • Vent hole
  • Edge support
  • Doubler (various types)
  • Inserts (various types, left/right)

We are also able to manufacture aerospace grade of foam and additionally aerospace grade of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics, like GF/PEI and GF/PPS.

Railway Applications

For railway special requirements on the materials needs to be considered. The standard EN 45545-2 describes the material requirements for the different hazard levels (HL1, HL2 and HL3). We process for railway applications materials like different grades of laminates (woven fabrics, but also chopped fibers like in SMC and BMC). We also process the material Hm35 in many machined geometries.

We continuously have material on stock that achieves the highest hazard level (HL 3).

Another material that we process into various geometries (flat and bended) for railway is Nomex® 410.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Short delivery times with express delivery are possible as we machine laminates parts in our own factory
  • Single piece manufacturing and large lot sizes are possible
  • Availability of a wide range of raw materials
  • Highest precision for accurate and easy assembly of parts
  • Entire manufacturing sequence for assemblies, from procurement of raw materials for construction of jigs and fixtures to fabrication, assembly and logistics
  • Test certificate with selected properties delivered on demand

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