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Hitachi Energy offers insulation materials for motors and generators. Our flexible insulation materials are used in electrical machines for layer insulation, slot insulation, slot closure, and layer insulation. Their high mechanical resistance and special surface properties (including significantly decreased friction) enable automated processing to be performed optimally at the customer's premises.

Our multi-layer flexible laminates PUCARO Press-span, PUCARO Triflexil®, and PUCARO Ecoflexil®, made from pressboard, polyester and polyamide films, polyester non-woven material or aramide papers, fulfill the requirements of automated processing. All flexible electrical insulation materials are available in rolls, strips, and sheets.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 150 years of experience in insulation
  • Material excellence
  • Approved supplier to major utilities worldwide
  • Global footprint

Product scope

  • Motors and generators
  • Class A (105 °C) laminates with one- and multi-layer combinations of press paper and class B (130 °C) laminates with polyester film (F-PET) for rotating devices with short duty cycles
  • Laminates with additional coatings as well as combinations of aramid paper with polyester film for higher temperatures and duty cycles
  • Laminates of aramid paper and polyimide film for 200 °C and above applications

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