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Semiconductors for e-mobility

Hitachi Energy’s advanced semiconductor technology has created almost unlimited control possibilities in energy transmission systems. We lie at the heart of traction converters driving high-speed trains, metros, and diesel-electric locomotives. And the many pumps, fans, roller tables, hoists, and winches found throughout the industry rely on us. Today we are also powering the next generation of e-vehicles enabling people to enjoy greener mobility.

Power electronics play an important role in electric mobility, as they handle the efficient power transmission from the battery to the motor. As a new semiconductor base material, silicon carbide offers lower conduction losses and higher switching frequencies. It is essential for the system that the interfaces and internal structure of the power electronics are optimized for low stray inductances for maximum pay-off.

The performance of a switch or an inverter for xEV vehicles can be increased with an optimized design of the load current paths. This means that the advantages of SiC can be fully utilized for greater efficiency, either resulting in a greater range or a more compact design for the electric drivetrain.

Hitachi Energy’s SiC e-mobility module, RoadPak, pushes the boundaries of power density and reduces stray inductance to new levels.

Typical applications are:

  • Cars

Scalable current and power ratings support inverter platforms of various e-cars

  • Trucks 

High power in a small package allows efficient inverter design of e-trucks

  • Public transport 

High reliability for the typical stop-and-go operation of e-buses and trams

  • Aviation

Performance and reliability to meet the demands of a wide range of aviation applications

  • Charging

Delivers performance to enable fast charging of e-trucks and e-buses