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Features 06-07-2021

2 min read

IGBT HiPak orders – Indian traction market



The Indian market for infrastructure solutions continues to grow, providing many opportunities, particularly for IGBT modules. India’s focus on railway electrification, which will reduce India’s dependence on imported fossil-fuel energy through the use of eco-friendly and energy-efficient modes of transportation in rolling stock is an excellent example of this trend.

The growing Indian market offers many opportunities, resulting in plentiful competition. One of our key customers points out that “Hitachi Energy, Semiconductors, has great products, and its IGBTs are qualified with us, but competitiveness also matters.”

Despite formidable competition from other IGBT module suppliers, Hitachi Energy and our channel partner Pankaj Electronics successfully booked substantial orders for 3.3 kV 1000 A HiPak1 and 4.5 kV 1200 A HiPak2 modules in March and April 2021. The customer is a leading Indian company known for pioneering developments in power electronics for the traction market.


Hitachi Energy’s IGBTs will be used in both EMU (5SNA 1000N330300), and cargo AC-electric Locomotive (5SNA 1200G450300) converter platforms.  With the current HiPak and LinPak portfolio and future new product developments, Hitachi Energy enables customers to expand their converter offerings today, and in the future.  For instance, new product developments will allow for higher power ratings and more compact designs to meet the most challenging requirements.   


With Hitachi Energy’s expanding portfolio in high- and medium power IGBTs, our factory extension that enables 200 mm wafer fabrication with automated backend operations, and next-generation SiC product solutions, we look forward to addressing the challenge of supporting the demand for clean energy solutions to power India’s infrastructure.