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PCM600 - Protection and control IED manager

Simplifying management of protection and control relays

PCM600 is an easy-to-handle tool which provide versatile functionalities throughout the life cycle of Hitachi Energy’s protection and control intelligent electronic devices.

PCM600 is compliant with IEC 61850, which simplifies IED engineering and enables information exchange with other IEC 61850 compliant tools. The hierarchical presentation model that reflects the real system topology allows you to efficiently view and edit information about your power system.

Engineer efficiently

PCM600 provides efficient functionality for application configuration and communication engineering. With an intuitive and well structured user interface PCM600 offers easy-to-use configuration capabilities for I/O mapping and signal mapping. 

The user interface, workflow and the IEC 61850 based data model in PCM600 are designed according to the same philosophy as the IED itself, ensuring smooth and seamless integration between the tool and the IEDs.

PCM600 features facilities for engineering of IEC 61850 communication between bay and station levels and bay-to-bay GOOSE messaging for station-wide interlocking and control of parallel transformers.

Set parameters

The filtering functionality of PCM600 allows you to quickly view and change the most important parameters, or in the advanced mode, handle all parameters. Through upload of current settings and comparison functionality you can ensure that intended settings have been modified and that the values are correct before the new IED settings are downloaded.

Analyze and monitor

Additionally, you can monitor measurements and signal statuses with the PCM600 tool. PCM600 scans and retrieves disturbance information for automatic report file generation. It can also automatically send the report to pre-defined e-mail addresses to facilitate for fast corrective actions. It thus allows relay engineers to concentrate on disturbance analysis instead of on manual data collection.

Download software

You can download PCM600 software via the link below. You will also receive updates, such as information about new PCM600 releases directly to your e-mail after registering to Hitachi Energy Substation Automation Software Library.

PCM600 - Protection and control IED manager

Did you know?

PCM600 3.0 is the first IED Configuration Tool now certified with IEC 61850 Ed. 2.1!

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