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Collaborative Operations Centers

Globally, utilities and power system operators are contending with a host of challenges that hamper their ability to expand coverage or add new services. 

The Collaborative Operations Centers (COCs) provide rapid, expert remote services by connecting our people with our customers to efficiently and reliably manage their installed base of protection, control, communication and grid edge solutions from Hitachi Energy.

Every new load, upgrade, extension, and reconfiguration of a power network can create unexpected stress and interactions that the original system was not designed for. Through our Collaborative Operations Centers and Service Level Agreements, Hitachi Energy can help to proactively address these challenges before they grow.

By adopting a follow-the-sun model and working in harmony with engineering and service centers in more than 40 countries, the new COCs in Malaysia, Australia, U.S.A, U.A.E., Switzerland and Italy will ensure 24/7 world-class customer service is available ‘locally’, anywhere in the world. 

Based on specific service level agreements, and through periodic investigations, services can be delivered over a secure remote platform to manage and protect customers’ digital equipment.

Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement with Hitachi Energy Grid Automation Service ensures constant care of your assets and helps you hit your key performance targets. 

Read more about our Service Level Agreements.

Grid Automation Shield program

At the same time, the Grid Automation Shield program offers customers the Collaborative Operations Portal and service agreements to access all the relevant information on their installed assets. The program delivers exclusive services for maintenance, evolution and continual enhancement of their grid automation and communication products and systems. This combined approach helps customers better review and plan updates and upgrades with keen attention paid to anticipating and addressing reliability and performance issues.

The program presents a new way to connect customer operations, engineering and business management with Hitachi Energy’s Internet of Things (IoT) applications and expertise, bundling industry knowledge, cloud-based solutions and remote services.