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Generator protection

Hitachi Energy's protection solutions are designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of generators.

The protection solutions for generators are designed to accommodate different power plant arrangements with a complete portfolio of generator protection solutions for all types and sizes of generators and generator-transformers units. Hitachi Energy's protection solutions provide protection and monitoring for generators, prime movers, and step-up transformers in hydro-, pump-storage-, gas-, combined cycle-, steam- and cogeneration stations. 



  • Generator main and backup protection
  • Generator and block transformer main and backup protection
Generator protection solutions

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  • Generator differential protection
  • Transformer differential protection
  • High impedance differential protection
  • Restricted earth-fault protection
  • Injection-based protection
  • Back-up under-impedance protection
  • Pole slip protection
  • Loss of / under excitation
  • Directional power protection
  • Current, voltage, frequency protections

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