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Renewables integration

Integration of decentralized power generation from renewable sources necessitates careful analysis and adaption of the power system as well as the construction of collection grids for wind farms or solar power plants.

Hitachi Energy offers a range of scalable substation solutions that help to efficiently integrate renewable energy into the transmission grid and distribution network. Our in-depth knowledge of renewable power generation technologies and comprehensive experience with grid codes and utility practices in use around the world enables us to provide grid connection solutions for all types of renewables power plants. The customized systems are based on proven and state-of-the art technologies, and are designed to meet the requirements of customers with a global market presence as well as local specifications.

Hitachi Energy's worldwide presence ensures customer support throughout the lifecycle of the substation, and our turnkey project capabilities allow us to support customers with permitting applications and system studies for commissioning and maintenance.


  • Scalable grid connection substations for all types of renewables power plants
  • Optimized solutions with small footprint
  • Cost-efficient systems based on domain knowledge of the power value chain and renewable power generation technologies
  • Short delivery time ensured by experienced system integrator with fast-track project handling capabilities
  • Fast and well-documented proposals allowing simplified and shortened permitting process, concession application and utility negotiations
  • Enhanced reliability and quality of power supply
  • Dependable and optimal integration of the complete range of Hitachi Energy substation equipment, including switchgear, transformers, substation automation, control and protection systems as well as Hitachi Energy’s proven power converter system (PCS) technology
scalable substation solutions

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