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Operations and maintenance execution

Depending on your target model, Hitachi Energy can execute end-to-end operations and maintenance or augment your resources and focus on selected activities.

Regardless of who is in charge, maintenance field task execution falls under the RelCare process and consists of; task preparation, fulfilling health and safety requirements and execution. The RelCare mobile application guarantees that each action is undertaken in a repeatable way in line with the agreed method statements, leaving a robust audit trail.

While executing the maintenance, a field engineer digitally collects all relevant asset data which is then used to update the asset's health index and feedback on its condition. 


Routine maintenance

Minimize the risk potential of unplanned downtime by executing well-planned and scheduled routine activities such as preventive and predictive inspections at set intervals. 

Corrective maintenance

Execute maintenance actions to identify, isolate and rectify a fault so that the substation is restored to an operational condition. 

Emergency response

Guarantee the required response time and scope of the support in case of an incident to minimize time-to-switch and/or overall time-to-repair. 


Service person on duty for on-site/remote operation of the selected assets or the entire substation with performance warranties as per agreed conditions.