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Earthing transformers

Earthing transformers are classified as standard reactors. An earthing transformer (neutral coupler) is a three-phase transformer connected to the power system to provide a neutral connection for earthing, either directly or via impedance. The earthing transformers may in addition supply a local auxiliary load.

During single-phase faults, the reactor limits the fault current in the neutral and the restoration of the power line is improved. According to the IEC 60076-6 standard, the neutral-earthing reactor is connected between the neutral of a power system and the earth to limit the line to earth current under system earth fault conditions to the desired value.

The earthing transformer creates a neutral point for a network. ZN connection is usually applied. Z connection provides linear and specified zero sequence impedance. YN+d can also be applied.


Product scope

  • Voltage level: up to 170 kV


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  • Optimized design fully in line with substation system design
  • Lots of references in different voltage systems and substation configurations.
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