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Natural Cooling Effilight® Traction Transformer (NCETT)

Natural and sustainable cooling system for traction transformers that optimizes cost and improves reliability

Traditional traction transformers are subject to substantial energy losses, which heat up the internal windings. Thus, it requires an external 'cooling system' with a heat exchanger and ‘air fans’. This cooling system leads to additional costs, maintenance, and energy consumption for train operators. 

As the global leader and a pioneer of traction transformer technology, Hitachi Energy has been supporting the rail industry by continuously optimizing its traction transformer solutions through constant innovation and technology enhancement. 

Hitachi Energy is now introducing one such landmark solution in the form of the Natural Cooling Effilight® traction transformer (NCETT).

NCETT replaces the traditional fan-based cooling system with a natural and sustainable alternative – natural airflow of the train's motion. 

The NCETT uses a specially designed cooling system that utilizes the natural air flow caused by the train’s motion and directs it to the heat exchangers, thereby eliminating the need for motorized air fans. Heated liquid pumped into the heat exchanger is cooled with natural air instead of motorized air fans and passed back inside the transformer. 

The removal of air-fan-based cooling systems reduces the overall costs incurred by train operators on energy consumption and maintenance of the cooling system. The elimination of a fan-based cooling system reduces the risk of failure and improves reliability by 20% with no downtime for the fans, motors, and their supply system. 

The NCETT is designed to work in both directions of the train’s motion. It can be mounted on the roof of the train as well as the underframe. 

Main benefits of NCETT:

Optimized Lifecycle Ownership Cost and Energy savings:

  • Savings on the energy consumed by the power cooling motors
  • Zero risk of failure for the fan, cooling motors, and their supply system
  • Zero maintenance for the fans and cooling dampers, and reduced radiator cleaning

Improved reliability and availability 

  • Reliability improved by 20%  with no downtime for the motors and their supply system
  • FIT (Failure In Time) rate decreased by 20% due to the absence of fans

Operating noise reduction

  • Removal of the fan reduces the resulting noise and improves overall passenger comfort and rail experience by eliminating 10-15 dB(A) of cooling system noise

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