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Distributed Energy Resources optimization

Unlocking potential across traditional & renewable energy assets

e-meshTM Manager solutions are based on Hitachi Energy’s automation platform, which has been evolving and leading the industry since 1905, with 30+ years’ experience in energy storage and microgrids.

e-mesh Manager help to seamless integrate all your traditional and renewable energy assets into a single power management system, while improving availability, performance and reliability. A key differentiator is its capability to monitor and control both distributed energy resources and substation equipment using IEC 61850, IEC 60870 5 101/104, DNP3, OPC and Modbus protocols, enabling Hitachi Energy’s solution to manage the full power system value chain from a single point.

e-mesh Manager energy management application, is specially designed to manage distributed energy and renewable resources, conventional power generation sources, and controllable loads like electric vehicle chargers. e-mesh Manager is a flexible and highly scalable application that allows for easy expansion as the number of energy resources and the size of the operation grow.

For more information, please download our e-mesh Manager Power Management brochure, e-mesh Manager Plant SCADA brochure, or e-mesh Manager Energy Management Brochure.

Key features

  • Flexible, efficient and effective engineering platform and tools
  • Compliance to cybersecurity standards
  • Hardened deployment and best practices implementation
  • Flexible and powerful HW/SW platform able to manage large number of devices with lean architectures and fast cycle times
  • Grid code compliant functionalities
  • Power plant control logics power systems models
  • DERs, BESS and EVs energy management and optimization

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