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Get energized with the Power Pulse Podcast

Join the Hitachi Energy team as we discuss the latest trends and innovations in the power transmission and distribution industry, including renewable integration, energy storage, decarbonization of transportation, digitalization, grid resiliency, and much more! 

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Show Notes

This episode explores the anticipated, widespread electrification of vehicle fleets - from city buses to delivery vans to maintenance vehicles - and how the need to charge all these vehicles will impact power grids.


Brian Wilkie
Gary Rackliffe
Director of Business Development
NY Transportation Electrification
National Grid
Vice President
Market Development and Innovation, North America
Hitachi Energy


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Early careers is not just about giving either current students or recently graduated students relevant learning experience, it's really about attracting our future leaders, and for our industry specifically, trying to find talent who is passionate about sustainable energy and ultimately wanting to leave the planet better than we found it.

Today, I’m speaking with two very talented individuals who are currently in their second rotation of the Power+ Graduate Program here at Hitachi Energy in North America –  Ariel Abudu and Martin Roman. 

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Trends in the renewable energy transition

In our latest episode, we are joined by Kent Knutson, Energy Market Specialist with Hitachi Energy, who enlightened us on some recent trends in North America related to the recent Biden Administration proposal to expand investment in critical areas of our nation’s critical infrastructure. Listen along as he explores the kinds of energy investments we’ve seen, specifically around commitments to renewable energy and efforts to expand transmission capacity.

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Kent Knutson

Energy Market Specialist
Hitachi Energy

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Entering the next phase of our renewable energy future with microgrids and virtual power plants  

As we enter the next era of energy, which is focused on decreasing emissions, eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels, and increasing our use of distributed energy resources, there are tons of emerging and exciting technologies of which we can take advantage. Join grid edge solution experts Tilo Buehler, Head of Product Management for Grid Edge Solutions, and Rahul Mehta, Lead for Grid Edge Solutions, Asia Pacific Region at Hitachi Energy, as we discuss how microgrids and virtual power plants (VPPs) can help us prepare for a sustainable energy future by introducing more renewables, flexibility and resiliency into the power system. 

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Tilo Buehler

Head of Product Management, Grid Edge Solutions
Hitachi Energy

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Rahul Mehta

Lead for Grid Edge Solutions, Asia Pacific Region
Hitachi Energy

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Women in Energy (Pt. 3): Making an impact through diversity and inclusion programs

In part 3 of our Women in Energy series, Julia Des Chenes and Allison Cohen discuss how you can embrace diversity and inclusion programs at your organization to learn, grow and thrive. We’ll also talk about some ways employee resource groups (ERGs) can help support this growth and examples of how our Women in Energy employee resource group (ERG) at Hitachi Energy is helping to empower our members and drive change.

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Julia Des Chenes, Strategic Account Manager, Hitachi Energy
Allison Cohen, Employer Brand Specialist, Hitachi Energy

Julia Des Chenes

Strategic Account Manager
Hitachi Energy

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Allison Cohen

Employer Brand Specialist
Hitachi Energy

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Power Pulse goes offshore (Pt. 3): A regulatory perspective on offshore wind challenges in the U.S.

In this third episode in a short series on the challenges and opportunities for offshore wind power in North America, we got together with Adrienne Downey, Principal Engineer, Offshore Wind with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and Cathy Livingston, Senior Account Manager with Hitachi Energy. Together we explored how the offshore wind industry promises to drive job creation, the establishment of strong local supply chains, and grid infrastructure modernization in New York State and throughout the Northeast.

NYSERDA Offshore Wind Programs

NYSERDA Offshore Wind Projects


Restoring our Earth: Shaping the future of sustainability

In honor of Earth Day on April 22 and this year’s theme of restoring our earth, we discuss the importance of sustainability and ways we can all contribute to a cleaner, greener, carbon-neutral future. Listen along for a fun and inspiring conversation with Johanna Flood, Head of Environment, and Matthew North, Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability for Hitachi Energy as we talk about the causes and impacts from carbon emissions, strategies for decarbonization, as well as tips on how we, as individuals and organizations, can reduce our carbon footprint. 

The podcast that Matthew references that inspired him to make a career change is "How to Set & Achieve a Goal" (Episode 534) by Rich Roll. 


Women in Energy (Pt. 2): Driving the offshore wind industry forward 

In part 2 in our Women in Energy series, we speak to Carrie Cullen Hitt, Executive Director at the National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium (NOWRDC), and Fabio Fracaroli, Renewables Segment Lead at Hitachi Energy about the budding offshore wind market, the new and exciting opportunities it presents for women entering or already established in the industry. Listen along as we discuss ways to address the industry’s lack of female representation, how we got here, and how women are well-positioned to help drive the industry forward.   

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Women in Energy (Pt. 1): Empowering the next generation

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we discuss a strong force in the energy industry – women! Listen along for an inspiring discussion with 2 incredible women taking the renewables sector by storm, Cathy Livingston (Hitachi Energy) and Sarah Kelly (Kiewit Energy Group). We will discuss their journeys on becoming rising female leaders in a male-dominated industry, as well as share advice for how our listeners can create and support a more equal and inclusive workplace.



There is a major transition happening in the energy industry, a shift away from fossil fuels toward a system that relies on electricity generated through renewable energy sources. In our latest episode, we are joined by Chief Technology Officer, Gerhard Salge who leads Hitachi Energy’s research and development efforts, to discuss why electricity will be the crux of a carbon-neutral energy system, the challenges it brings for electricity grids, and the building blocks needed to achieve a more sustainable future.


Power Pulse goes offshore (Pt. 1): Opportunities for U.S. offshore wind

In the first of a short series on the challenges and opportunities for offshore wind power in North America, join us for a conversation with Hayes Framme, Government Relations and Communications Manager with renewable energy powerhouse Orsted, and Rob Roche, Senior Account Manager with Hitachi Energy. Together we discuss the nature of the offshore wind market in the U.S., how it differs from Europe and other more developed markets, and where the opportunities are the most promising.

Power Pulse goes offshore (Pt. 2): Challenges that developers face in the U.S.

In the second installment of a short series on the challenges and opportunities for offshore wind power in North America, we continue our conversation with Hayes Framme, Government Relations and Communications Manager with renewable energy powerhouse Orsted, and Rob Roche, Senior Account Manager with Hitachi Energy. Together we discuss the need to engage regulators and local stakeholders to make projects successful, the benefits offshore wind can bring to communities, and the importance of keeping supply chains local.


In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing an emerging young leader and electrical engineer, Audrey Wang Gosselin, and her budding career in the renewable energy market with our early-career rotational program. Audrey shares what led her to Hitachi Energy as well as her community outreach projects and ambitious career plans for the future. Audrey is continuing her passion with ABB as a Solution Generation Engineer for ABB Building Solutions. 

We hope Audrey’s passion and insights inspire you as much as she has inspired us. If you’re interested in joining our early career rotational program like Audrey, learn more here:


Craig Stiegemeier, who has recently left Hitachi Energy after a very successful 40-year career developing transformer technology, has been trying to catch lightning in a bottle for most of his professional life. When you listen to this episode of Power Pulse, you start to think that maybe it hasn’t happened yet because he IS the lightning bolt. At 62, he’s so full of energy and ideas that it’s easy to forget that the reason for this conversation is that he recently retired from Hitachi Energy where he has worked in dozens of roles, and helped develop and contribute to hundreds of products and projects. Now you can find Craig consulting for our transformer service business! 

Listen along as Craig shares what sparked his curiosity and passion for transformers and how he got to where he is today, and perhaps pick some insight into what makes working in the power business so exciting.


The world is moving quickly to adopt renewable energy, which is a positive trend, but also one that demands a significant shift in how power is transmitted, distributed, and stored. As it stands today, power is a ‘use it or lose it’ proposition - our ability to store power is fairly limited. In fact, less than 5% of the electricity generated by utilities globally is stored. This reality is complicated by the fact that the availability of many renewable sources is limited by factors like location and time of day, making storage even more critical in the future. How can energy storage technology help support our shift toward renewables?

Join this week’s experts, Audrey Wang Gosselin,  Solution Generation Engineer at ABB and Connor Aimone, Technical Consultant at Hitachi Energy, as they explain energy storage systems, shine light on some of the concerns around it, and help us understand the immense benefits these technologies can offer society.


As if natural disasters aren’t reason enough to be concerned, physical attacks on substations have many in the industry rethinking substation resiliency. About once every four days, part of the nation’s power grid is struck by a cyber or physical attack. Resiliency and reliability of the power grid are critical to our everyday lives, economies, and critical infrastructures such as hospitals, first responders, government facilities, and so on, so making sure it is protected and secure is of utmost importance. Join Dustin Prescott, former Hitachi Energy employee, and grid integration subject-matter expert, as he discusses the steps to keeping the power grid secure and safe from natural disasters and physical attacks.


Electric vehicles Pt. 1: Myths, economics and business cases

In part 1 of this episode, Gary Rackliffe, Vice President of Market Development and Innovation at Hitachi Energy, and Dan O’Shea, Director of Utility Strategy and Business Development for EV Infrastructure at ABB, join us to debunk myths on electric vehicles and to discuss the business cases emerging in the market beyond passenger vehicles as well as their challenges. Hop in as we take you on a clean ride to a smarter future.

Electric vehicles Pt. 2: So, what does this mean for utilities?

As we pick up on part 2, Gary Rackliffe and Dan O’Shea continue the discussion on what electric vehicles mean for the grid and how they will affect and benefit utilities. Buckle up as we take you to the finish line!


This episode examines a popular phrase and initiative at Hitachi Energy and what that means in the lens of grid modernization. In this episode, Gary Rackliffe, Vice President of Market Development and Innovation at Hitachi Energy, discusses the meaning behind how to make the power grid stronger (resilient), smarter (digital), and greener (sustainable) and how utilities, commercial and industrial companies can accomplish this. 


This episode dives into the formation of the power grid and its unique and inspiring history. Craig Stiegemeier, Transformer Service Consultant for Hitachi Energy, takes us through the evolution of the grid, how we got to where we are today, and what we can expect in the next 30 years. 


This episode answers the question, "What is eMobility, its impact on the grid, and the opportunities it presents for utilities?" This episode features Sal Gill, former Hitachi Energy employee, currently a Senior Manager for Digital Strategy, Market Innovation, and Business Development for SAS. 


This episode introduces the building blocks - transformers, generators, circuit breakers, and measuring devices - that make up the crux of the power grid. These equipment staples are kind of like the navy blue blazers and khaki slacks of the modern grid: functional, reliable, and ubiquitous. This episode features Craig Stiegemeier, Transformer Service Consultant for Hitachi Energy. 


Whitepaper: U.S. Transmission Investments

Paving the way to a carbon-neutral future

Whitepaper: Key considerations for reliable interconnections

U.S. Offshore Wind

Meet the Hosts

Kurt Steinert

External Communications Manager for North America, based in Central Vermont

  • Big proponent of sustainability (and proud owner of a solar PV array)
  • Writer by training and inclination, who appreciates a good turn of phrase
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Kelsey Black

Digital Communications Manager for North America, based in Cleveland, OH. 

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