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The question of widespread electric vehicle uptake is no longer a matter of “if” but rather of “how soon”. For cities, this means electric bus fleets. For industries, electric semis and freight transport. And for the public, electric personal vehicles. However, the current state of charging infrastructure is inadequate to satisfy demand and enable the growth of this new transportation era. Investment in novel and lasting electrical solutions has never been more urgent. ​

Powering the future of public transport

The charging infrastructure of tomorrow must respond to the complex needs of large-scale providers. Because transportation networks grow organically as ridership increases, electrical solutions must be scalable. For agility, solutions must be modular. And to accommodate the unique geographical realities of each city, they must be customizable. ​

eBuses and metros need to be equipped to handle higher passenger loads and the modern public’s demand for fluid operations and zero downtime. To achieve this, operators are seeking technology that lets them automate and control routes in a more reliable way, with a focus on asset and management work solutions. ​

Real-time insights for operational confidence​

Gain a 360-degree view of your system ​

Operators need a single, unified view of the electrical system powering their network of vehicles. This includes charging infrastructure as well as the vehicles in motion. With advanced SCADA tools custom-designed for public EV fleets, you can monitor and manage all assets in real-time, and take knowledgeable actions to ensure operational integrity. ​

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Reduce maintenance costs by 10-15% ​

Advanced diagnostics allow you to address equipment deficiencies in a timely and preemptive fashion. It alerts you to probable failures at discrete system nodes in advance. Condition-based maintenance enables constant monitoring of your assets and informs you when and where you need to take action on upgrades and repairs.  ​

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Reduce manual diagnostics by over 60%

Reduce CO2 emissions and minimize cost​

Manage energy intelligently

The energy lifecycle of a vehicle fleet in an urban environment is complex. Innumerable and dynamic factors like user demand and traffic conditions all impact when and how much energy a vehicle consumes. By adopting an energy management system, you can optimize your fleet size and reduce the environmental footprint across your network. ​

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Establish a reliable communication foundation ​

Urban public transportation networks consist of thousands of moving parts interacting with chaotic and unpredictable real-world conditions. This involves security risks and potential interruptions to mission-critical communication. Multi-service technology ensures reliable, secure, and manageable communication for all network actors. ​

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Providing digital connectivity for your electric bus network.​

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