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Energy Sustainability Consulting​ Services

Sustain & Decarbonize

Find the right pathway to meet your sustainability needs​

Addressing the energy trilemma for clean, secure and affordable energy impacts all the agents of the energy and will continue to drive changes in our electricity energy systems globally for many decades to come. For most companies, that means reducing risks and optimizing their environmental footprints along the entire value chain.​

In this challenging context, Hitachi Energy can provide a robust and precise understanding of regulatory frameworks, underlying economics and markets dynamics, key throughout the decision making. Our Sustainability Consulting Services can support you in addressing your unique environmental performance needs. ​

By collecting and analysing data on a wide range of sustainability-related factors—such as energy, GHG emissions, supply chain performance, life cycle assessment –companies can generate the deep insights they need to guide their sustainability-related initiatives and improve their overall resource efficiency.​

From assessing and comparing environmental impact of new technologies to complete Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the emission throughout the life of a product, our consultants understand the technologies and markets that are changing the energy system and can provide independent advice.​

We also cover relevant aspects such as: fuel, electricity consumption, optimal operation and losses to establish a clear decarbonisation strategy for your operation, even assessing which energy carrier to use and achieve a more efficient and sustainable operation with lower environmental impact.

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