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Measure temperature reliably

Oil Temperature Indicators

Monitoring temperature is crucial to diminish transformer aging and allow safe operation. Hitachi Energy offers bimetal thermometers for hermetically sealed transformers or ones equipped with an expansion conservator.


Key Features

  • Our thermometers are fitted with a resettable maximum temperature pointer, which indicates the last highest temperature achieved.
  • They can come equipped with up to 2 embedded switches for alarm and control functions (normally open or changeover options).
  • All components of our thermometers are surface-treated and corrosion-resistant to survive in the operating environment.
  • High contrast and glass dials are available for quick reading.
  • Highly customizable options are available on demand.

Precision and Quality

Each oil temperature indicator is thoroughly tested for accuracy and efficiency before leaving our factory.


  • Dimensional control
  • Dielectric strength of contacts
  • Paint and surface control
  • Conformity with customer requirements

Quick Quotes and Deliveries

We offer standard prices and quick delivery times for our products listed in Our Offerings. If required, our engineers can also provide customized solutions for your application.

Hitachi Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of transformer accessories and services to meet our customers' evolving needs. We can bundle multiple accessories together so that transformer manufacturers can focus on delivering to their customers on time and without hassle.

Oil Temperature Indicators

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Oil Temperature Indicators
Oil Temperature Indicators

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