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Hitachi Power Grids Supply Quality

Supply Quality

We as an organization take safety, integrity, and quality as our license to operate and part of our DNA. 

Read our Supplier Quality Assurance Agreement

The Supplier Quality Assurance Agreement defines our requirements and expectations related to quality from our suppliers. This agreement is standard documentation that should be acknowledged by our suppliers at the beginning of our journey. It targets to streamline the supply base to compliant and collaborative partners that increase our quality and prevent incidents, which will help us achieve a problem-free experience that both we and our suppliers will benefit from.

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Global Version (EN)

Supplier Quality Assurance Agreement

Read our Supplier Quality Manual

The Supplier Quality Manual defines how our Suppliers must comply & fulfill the requirements and expectations set by Hitachi Energy. It includes up-to-date information with a process map logic to guide suppliers in finding the correct way to collaborate with Hitachi Energy quality processes. Following the steps in this manual will ensure that our supplier partnerships will improve even further, resulting in the increase of our overall quality and customer satisfaction.

Global Version (EN)

Supplier Quality Manual