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Hitachi Power Grids Supply Quality

Supply Quality

Purchased materials, services and equipment represent a dominant share of our value chain. As such, effective and efficient supply quality management is crucial to success. It is important that all of our suppliers understand the value and commercial benefits that are delivered with a well managed, high quality supply chain. We must secure that our supply base delivers products and services that are on time, as specified in quantity and of the best quality. This must be done safely, with integrity and in compliance of our rules and regulations as well as with all applicable laws. 

We use SAP Ariba to onboard suppliers to our network. The supplier onboarding consists of the following mandatory steps:

  • Create a SAP Ariba account
  • Register in our network after receiving an invitation via email
  • Get your company qualified to conduct business with us

Deatils on how to use SAP Ariba can be found here.

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