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Service Suite

Mobile workforce management for essential industries

Service Suite is purpose-built for the utility industry and communications service providers. It's designed to help field operations and dispatch personnel “do more with less,” by working smarter to proactively serve customers and maintain assets in the field, while significantly reducing operating costs and improving customer service. Service Suite is an end-to-end solution that automates the entire customer service and asset maintenance cycle – from short-term decision making in the control center to long-term maintenance planning in the back office. Service Suite supports all types of work that must be performed in the field, from customer service orders to routine maintenance & inspection work to more complex construction projects.

Key features:

  • Configuration – An intuitive, easy-to-use module that customers use to set up and manage the system, shortening the deployment and “time to ROI”, and lowering project risk and complexity
  • Forecasting – Enables transparent and accurate workforce planning and the balancing of work requirements
  • Appointment booking – Whether booked by a call center or using a self-service portal, booking is fast, easy, and optimized based on configurable business requirements
  • Scheduling – Helps utilities get the job done properly the first time, and with the right resources, by scheduling and sequencing work for optimal efficiency.
  • Dispatching – Automates the order assignment process and enables you to proactively respond to emergency situations in real time.
  • Mobility – from rugged notebooks to the latest tablets and smartphones, execute work in the field with the help of the industry’s most functional and intuitive mobile application
  • Work progress monitoring – Real-time visibility into the progress of work so that field crews and resources can be effectively managed.
  • Reporting and analytics – All job data is available for offline reporting and analysis to improve operations planning and decision making.