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Low-voltage capacitor banks Dynacomp

Thyristor-switched capacitor banks for power factor compensation of fast varying loads

The Hitachi Energy's Dynacomp low-voltage thyristor-switched capacitor banks are used for ultra-rapid transient free power factor compensation and voltage fluctuation mitigation.


The Dynacomp low-voltage thyristor-switched capacitor banks can be used in any applications requiring short response times, large number of operations, transient free switching or large amount of reactive power. For example:

  • Harbor crane 
  • Welding machines
  • Rolling mills
  • Oil drilling platforms
  • Lifts
  • Rubber mixer
  • Saw mills and tunnel drills which have very high switching rates

Why Hitachi Energy?

The thyristor-switched capacitor banks Dynacomp come with:

  • Ultra-rapid power factor compensation
  • Transient-free switching
  • Very high number of switching operations
  • Easy to install
  • Detuning reactors
  • Free-standing floor mounted cubicle
  • Exceptional reliability and safety
  • Hitachi Energy CLMD capacitor technology​

Brief performance data

Rated voltage Up to 690V
Step size From 100 to 500 kvar
Detuning reactor 7% and 14%
Response time Closed loop: < 3 cycles
Open loop: < 1 cycle
External trigger: instantaneous
​Power factor controller ​RVT-D
​Maximum number of steps ​32 (CAN control)

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