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Cooling systems for power transmission applications

Custom design solutions with guaranteed operational performance

Cooling systems from Hitachi Energy cover over 50% of the HVDC & SVC installations globally. Customized solutions for special applications and environments. Our cooling systems are available with cooling capacities from a few kilowatts up to several megawatts and are customized solutions for special applications and environments.

We also develop customer specific systems - one-piece, multi-piece or series solutions.


  • HVDC Cooling Systems
  • SVC Cooling Systems 

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • All units are completely routine tested before delivery which ensures functionality and minimizes installation time 
  • Skid mounted and built-in container solutions
  • Built-in redundancy for maximum availability

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HVDC Cooling Systems

HVDC cooling systems are project specific. The essential quality factors are water purity and low conductivity. Our Cooling Systems are designed with redundancy for vital components as well as for control to secure flawless quality and highest availability.

SVC Cooling Systems

Layouts for cooling systems for static var compensation are often complex and have short lead times. Hitachi Energy's vast experience combined with modular concept helps deliver efficient solutions at optimized costs.

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