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Automate end-to-end renewable portfolio tracking and management processes

Renewables are transforming the energy environment with utility and energy companies needing to manage extensive inventory, track trading, and monitor compliance (often across several jurisdictions). RECTracker simplifies end-to-end management and trading of renewable energy credits (RECs).

The advancement of renewable energy is leading to increased volumes of Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC), generally known as Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) in North America and Guarantee of Origin (GOO) certificates in Europe. RECTracker is a comprehensive software solution that facilitates enterprise-wide inventory tracking and compliance.

Risk Management. Track REC inventories and other types of environmental products to avoid double-counting and mitigate financial and regulatory risk through multiple user-defined rules and controls.

End-to-End Support. Advanced, configurable technology provides a fully integrated easy-to-use, web-based system supporting front office purchase and sales, middle office confirmation and risk management, and back office settlement and accounting.

Robust Compliance Reporting - Supports multiple compliance jurisdictions and REC tracking systems for various mandatory and voluntary compliance markets. You can be confident that your company is fully compliant.

RECTracker workflow architecture Diagram
RECTracker Systems


  • Flexible book structure and jurisdiction rule setup
  • User-defined tracking, compliance and accounting book structures
  • User-defined renewable resources and user-defined RECs valuation models

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