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Mechanical fastenings and spring elements


Our fastenings are e.g. used for stator head support application. Furthermore applications where a high mechanical performance (e.g. clamping) is required at increased temperatures and in general electrical insulation materials are required. Such applications are support rigs.  The Vetresit® 312 threaded rods and Vetresit® 300 nuts have comparative tracking index of 600+ V.

Threaded rods are available in the various dimensions. The standard length for threaded rods (M6 to M30) are up to 1,900 mm. Round bars (from 6 to 80 mm diameter) are available as well up to a length of 1,900 mm. The (threaded) rods can be “full” or “flattened”. The flattened rods are easier to install as an open-end wench can be used to counter the rod and prevent rotating during mounting.

Corresponding nuts are available in the dimensions of M8 to M42. These nuts can be hexagonal or square and on demand can have a collar as well.

On request, any length can be supplied as well as blanks, studs and structural components. For mechanical, thermal and electric properties, please refer to our brochure or let us know your requirements, so we can offer the right material for your application.

Available testing methods for certificate generation for fastenings and springs: 

  • Determination of load-displacement diagrams to determine the spring force (RT and at increased temperature)
  • Thermal analyses for glass transition temperature (IEC 61006) and thermal expansion (ISO 11359-2)
    • DSC (Hitachi High-Tech - NEXTA DSC600 with autosampler and intracooler)
    • TMA (Hitachi High-Tech - TMA7100 with intracooler)
  • Mechanical testing up to 100 kN (e.g. tensile (ISO 527), bending (ISO 178), compression (ISO 604), shear (ISO 14126), peeling) also at increased temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Electrical testing (HV-endurance, electrical breakdown (IEC 60243-1), comparative tracking index CTI (IEC 60112))
  • Physical properties (e.g. glass content (ISO 1172), water uptake (ISO 62), density (ISO 1183), air tightness, contact angle/surface energy)
  • Ageing of material (e.g. 30 days at 180 °C)
  • Dimensional conformity

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Proven material with a very good track of performance
  • We offer short delivery times with express delivery in case required as we machine laminates parts in our own factory
  • Single piece manufacturing and large lot sizes are possible
  • Wide range of raw materials are on stock
  • Highest precision for accurate and easy assembly of parts
  • Entire manufacturing sequence for assemblies, from procurement of raw materials for construction of jigs and fixtures to fabrication, assembly and logistics
  • Test certificate with selected properties delivered on demand

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