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Hitachi Energy offers modular transformer monitoring systems designed to collect, aggregate, manage, and analyze data for a single transformer. 

Specifically, CoreSense+ is a data aggregator for monitoring the transformer’s vital signs from a different sensor, modeling and storing data, and controlling cooling fans efficiently to maintain oil temperature within the set limits. 

PBA II is a capacitive voltage divider that connects to the voltage tap of the condenser bushing. It uses the bushing’s capacitance and its own capacitors and inductors to provide an output voltage commonly used to energize synchroscopes, voltmeters, and voltage-responsive relays. 

Hitachi Energy's monitoring systems can be installed on any transformer brand and type.


Why Hitachi Energy

  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • More than 50 years of experience in manufacturing transformer components
  • Comprehensive product portfolio for distribution and power transformers
  • Global after-sales and customer support network
Modular transformer monitoring systems

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