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Bypass thyristor


The bypass thyristor, 5STP 10L8500, is a new semiconductor device that offers three modes of operation:


  • Normal operation: Device is blocked permanently.
  • Protection mode: Device is irreversibly shorted by a surge current event (ITSM / I2t) triggered through the gate.
  • SCFM mode: Continuous stable long-term short circuit mode.

A typical application is short-circuiting faulty cells in a multilevel converter topology (MMC). The thyristor housing will not rupture when passing currents up to, or exceeding, 363 kA or 217 MA2s. After a fault, the device operates as a stable short circuit for more than a year.

Bypass thyristor


Part number  VDRM (V) VDCN (V) ITSM (kA)  Package (mm) Offer
5STP 10L8500 8400 4000 290 120/78


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