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Volt-var Management

The volt-var management solution allows reducing energy losses by minimizing reactive power flows, keeping voltages within the limits, and reducing peak power by voltage reduction. The enhanced observability and fault awareness of medium voltage and low voltage grid is the first step towards advanced grid automation.

Combining our proven basic solution in distribution automation with the advanced grid automation application makes it possible to significantly impact the frequency and reduce the duration of interruptions. Keeping the voltages within the limits for reduced power losses and increased grid efficiency.


  • Enhanced voltage control
  • Network re-configuration
  • Integration of Grid storage
  • Integration of Distributed energy resources and Renewables
  • Conservation voltage reduction (CVR)
  • Improved quality of power supply through better voltage profiles
  • Reduce energy losses
  • Increase network hosting capacity
  • Improve significant voltage control
  • More efficient utilization of the distribution network

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Volt-var Optimization and Control

This is an example application. Different products can be used based on preferences and specific requirements.

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