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Transformers for midstream and transportation

Hitachi Energy can provide transformers that are environmentally safe, and reliable for midstream segment where there are major energy consumers such as gas compression systems, pump stations, and re-injection processes.

The midstream segment of the oil and gas industry deals with the transportation of the petroleum products. That journey involves many industrial processes: for example, purification, compression, liquefaction, and in the case of pipelines, a network of pump stations. The flow of the oil or gas has to be monitored and measured, which calls for sophisticated sensors and software. And everything has to be powered, often over vast distances.

Hitachi Energy transformers are installed in every aspect of oil and gas pipelines, LNG, gas processing plants and terminals. Our rectifier and variable speed drive (VSD) transformer designs utilize Hitachi Energy global TrafoStar and common design platform for the highest integrity and mean time between failure.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • High reliability performance ensured by using best production methods supported by global engineering design tools
  • Global platform - local production - local service and short delivery time
  • Longest history with rectifier and complex VSD transformers technology and largest installed base
  • Available features such as CoreSense and CoreTec for intelligent real time remote asset monitoring and management

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