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Transformers for offshore oil, gas

Hitachi Energy is a leading global manufacturer of liquid-filled and dry-type transformers specifically designed to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry in offshore applications.

To ensure optimum performance at your offshore site, you must know your equipment is perfectly functioning.  Whether a floating production unit or a subsea unit, Hitachi Energy can provide environmentally safe and reliable transformers that are resilient to the harsh marine environment. 

Dry-type technology offers entirely oil-free products. A minimum of other flammable materials are used in transformer manufacturing to drastically reduce the risk of fire, thus increasing the security for offshore operators and avoiding contamination in the transformer’s surroundings.  The dry technology also offers maximum strength against thermal and mechanical stresses to withstand the harsh environment in the oil and gas complex.

Hitachi Energy has a full range of subsea transformers designed up to 3000 meters of depth. The high-pressure subsea environment presents unique challenges to seabed-based compression and production systems. Hitachi Energy subsea systems' designs can be wet and dry terminations. Our first production unit from 1998 is still in service. 


Why Hitachi Energy

  • High-reliability performance is ensured using the best production methods supported by global engineering design tools.
  • Suited to operate in the harsh environment of -50 C with Hitachi Energy RESIBLOC®
  • Largest fleet and broadest product range for subsea application
  • The full portfolio of marine vessels and offshore certifications

Our Offerings

Hitachi Energy's power transformers

Power Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers a complete range of power transformers and related components and parts, including over twenty 800 kV UHVDC and over five hundred 735 - 765 kV AC units.

Substation distribution transformers

Hitachi Energy's substation distribution transformers are generally connected directly to overhead utility power lines. Click to learn more.

Large-Medium distribution transformers

Hitachi Energy's Large-Medium distribution transformers are used for receiving energy from higher voltage levels and to transform and distribute this energy to lower voltage substations or directly to large industrial consumers. Learn more.

Pad-mounted distribution transformers

Hitachi Energy's pad-mounted transformers are mounted on the ground to service underground distribution networks. Click to learn more.

Variable speed drive (VSD) transformers

Variable speed drives of Hitachi Energy are used to control the speed of rotation of electronic motors in many industrial applications. Learn more.

RESIBLOC® transformers

RESIBLOC® cast-resin transformers of Hitachi Energy offer maximum mechanical strength to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses from severe climates, cycling loads, and short circuit forces. Click to learn more.

Vacuum cast coil (VCC) transformers

Hitachi Energy’s vacuum cast coil transformers use the most technologically advanced design to support the extreme conditions present in chemical processing, extra heavy traction, and heavy industrial applications. Click to learn more.

Subsea Power Distribution Transformers

Hitachi Energy liquid-filled, pressure-compensated subsea power distribution transformers are rated for depths up to 3,000 meters. Click to learn more.
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