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Core type transformers

Although transformers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, they consist of two main components: the core, which is made of high-permeability, grain-oriented, silicon electrical steel, layered in pieces, and windings, which are made of copper conductors wound around the core, providing electrical input and output. Two basic configurations of core and windings exist - the core and the shell forms.

In a core-type power, cylindrical leg windings cover the core leg.


Product scope:

  • Unit ratings: up to 1,500 MVA
  • Primary voltage: up to 1,000 kV
  • Secondary voltage defined by generator voltage
  • Load tap changers available
  • Single-phase or three-phase

Why Hitachi Energy core-type transformers

  • We have a track record of 1,400+ units delivered since 1995
  • Short-circuit performance at twice the industry standard
  • Proven track record in meeting customer performance requirements (ask for our test floor failure statistics)
  • 12 factories, one global approach – bringing consistency, delivery performance, and technology
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