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The global technology platform for designing and manufacturing power transformers
TrafoStar Power Transformers

Just as the North Star has guided sailors on their voyages across the seas, TrafoStar serves as the guiding light for the designing and manufacturing of Hitachi Energy’s power transformers, illuminating the path toward a sustainable energy future.

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The Origin of TrafoStar

Developed in 1994 by Hitachi Energy (formerly part of ABB), TrafoStar represents a revolutionary technology platform for designing and manufacturing power transformers that is a culmination of decades of expertise and innovation in transformer technology.

Rooted in over 700 years of combined experience and rich legacy from companies like ASEA, Brown Boveri, Ansaldo, Strömberg, GE, and Westinghouse, TrafoStar leverages the best practices and technological advancements from various entities acquired by Hitachi Energy, ensuring a standardized and globally optimized manufacturing process.

Built upon such a foundation of proven engineering principles and standardized manufacturing processes, TrafoStar has revolutionized the power transformer business at Hitachi Energy and the entire power transformers industry by setting new benchmarks for reliability, efficiency, and performance.

How TrafoStar Works

At its core, TrafoStar is a comprehensive technology platform that harmonizes transformer design, manufacturing processes, and quality control measures across all Hitachi Energy power transformer factories worldwide. The rigorous 6-Sigma quality system fortifies this common design and manufacturing platform and consists of over 6,000 documents covering material, technical, production, and quality parameters.

By integrating engineering tools, manufacturing precision, and material specifications, TrafoStar ensures consistency and excellence in every transformer produced, regardless of location. This unified approach fosters collaboration, global knowledge sharing, and innovation, enabling Hitachi Energy to deliver high-quality transformers that meet the diverse needs of customers around the globe.

Unifying Power Transformer Factories

TrafoStar serves as a unifying force for Hitachi Energy's 17 power transformer factories worldwide. Regardless of location, each factory operates under the TrafoStar platform. TrafoStar facilitates seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing among factory teams by providing a standardized transformer production platform.

This global approach ensures that every TrafoStar transformer meets the highest quality, reliability, and performance standards, irrespective of geographical location. It also allows Hitachi Energy to deliver high-quality transformers that meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Value and Benefits of TrafoStar for Customers

Proven Reliability

TrafoStar transformers are built on a foundation of proven engineering principles and decades of industry experience, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operating conditions.


Despite standardized processes, TrafoStar allows customization to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Short Delivery Times

The modular design and streamlined manufacturing processes of TrafoStar enable shorter lead times, ensuring timely delivery of transformers to customers.

High Quality

TrafoStar transformers undergo rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production, guaranteeing exceptional quality and durability.

Cost Efficiency

With TrafoStar, customers benefit from lower life cycle costs due to reduced maintenance requirements, high efficiency, and long-term reliability.

Machine Connectivity

TrafoStar ensures the smooth transfer of design to winding and core stacking machines, ensuring the highest quality and production efficiency.

Digital Control and ITM Enabler

TrafoStar enables digital interconnection with design, production, and testing data, allowing for the implementation of best practices to improve safety, quality, and productivity.

Backbone of the EconiQ™ Range

TrafoStar supports Hitachi Energy's EconiQ™ range of transformers, which is aimed at increased sustainability. These transformers incorporate the latest technology findings in alternative fluids, new materials, low loss, and low sound solutions.

Aids Efficient Service and Repairs

TrafoStar is the reference for Hitachi Energy's service centers worldwide, providing reliable, efficient solutions for transformer repairs and upgrades.

Industry’s leading short-circuit tests

Hitachi Energy has the largest number of transformers that have passed short-circuit tests in independent laboratories. The experience and expertise thus gained are integrated into the TrafoStar platform, making Hitachi Energy a leader in technical solutions and technical developments.


Celebrating a Landmark Achievement

30,000 Transformers, One TrafoStar – Leading the path to excellence!

Hitachi Energy is proud to announce the successful delivery of 30,000 TrafoStar power transformers, marking a significant milestone in our journey toward shaping the future of energy. This achievement underscores the trust and confidence that customers have placed in TrafoStar technology over the years.


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