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Water-cooled reactors

The water-cooled reactors are a technical solution particularly suitable for applications involving high currents or where space is limited. The conductor may be cooled internally with a liquid refrigerant (direct cooling) or simply pass through cooling plates in contact with the conductor (indirect cooling), where the liquid is made to circulate (indirect cooling).

This type of cooling system allows heat to be dissipated away from the points of installation and has the advantage of providing compact solutions in protected enclosures, despite the high concentration of power involved. Hitachi Energy can manufacture water-cooled transformers and inductors handling up to 50kA.


Product scope

  • Wide range of power ratings, from 1 kVAr to several MVAr
  • Single-phase or three-phase
  • For voltages up to 36 kV
  • Special designs for high-frequency applications (up to 25 kHz)
  • With any type of enclosure


Why Hitachi Energy

  • Respectful for people and property
  • Flexible for customer requirements
  • Versatile utilization options
  • Powerful engineering and Hitachi Energy design
  • Low heating emission
  • High output with a compact design
  • Various design types have different cooling technologies

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