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Transformer Connect

Transformer Connect is an Hitachi Energy series of virtual sessions on various trending topics in the industry.

The objective of the event series is to keep you connected with our transformer experts, to share knowledge and insights, and to stay ahead of the curve. We will look into the future of the energy sector and discover the latest trends and solutions to face future grid challenges.

We invite you to visit the different editions and discover all the available content discussed during all previous sessions.

You can always watch it on demand, anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Simply register to get instant access and enjoy learning about Transformers' products and solutions!

Let us all work together to advance a sustainable energy future for all.


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Transformer Connect Series

(Arranged from latest to oldest)
Transformer Connect Season 2  Edition 2

Event date: March 7, 2024

Transformer Connect Season 2 Edition 2
Renewable Energy Solutions


Session 1: [Keynote] 2030 Trends in Renewables and Energy System
Session 2: [Practical Session] Transformers for Offshore Wind
Session 3: [Practical Session] Transformers for Wind Turbine

Transformer Connect Season 2 - Series 1

Event date: October 19, 2023

Transformer Connect Season 1 - Series 4

Event date: June 22, 2023

Transformer Connect Season 1 Edition 4
The Future of Transforming Energy


Session 1: [Keynote] The future of transforming energy
Session 2: CompactStar™ Power Transformers - More power, smaller footprint
Session 3: Line Voltage Regulators - Power quality for distribution





Transformer Connect

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Transformer Connect

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Hitachi Energy Power Transformers


Hitachi Energy offers distribution and power transformers, Dry-type and EconiQ™ Transformers as well as services, for industrial and commercial applications.

Transformer Insulation and Components

The world's broadest and most reliable portfolio of transformers components and insulation

Transformer service

Aging assets, rising energy demand, and the critical need to avoid unplanned outages are challenging worldwide utilities and industrials. The service portfolio of Hitachi Energy allows utilities and industrials to maximize the return on transformer assets by ensuring high reliability, reducing life cycle costs, and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

Transformer Tap-changers

As a world leader in transformer components, we provide a unique combination of transformer tap-changer technology, deep expertise, and support that adapts to our customer’s needs. Click to learn more.
OceaniQ™ - innovative technological solutions


Innovative solutions designed for the offshore environment


Hitachi Energy has developed the TXpand™ technology through careful analysis and modelling to make the most rigid areas flexible, the weakest points stronger, and integrating rupture points to take control of the most unpredictable failures. Learn more.
Hitachi Energy – Advancing a sustainable energy future for all


Hitachi Energy placed sustainability at the heart of our purpose. Know more our Sustainability 2030 strategy and next big step towards a viable energy future.

TXpert™ Ecosystem

TXpert™ is an open, scalable, manufacturer-agnostic ecosystem for digitalization of transformers, designed to drive data-driven intelligence and decision making in the operations and maintenance of transformers and Hitachi Energy.

APM Edge

APM Edge is an on-premise, standalone asset performance management (APM) software, a subset of the larger Hitachi Energy digital enterprise APM software.


Game-changing solutions built on the unique domain expertise of the technology and market leader in power grids which integrate with Hitachi’s Lumada platform.

CompactStar™ Power Transformers

A premium, compact, and lightweight transformer designed to optimize Total Ownership Cost (TCO) for offshore platforms and urban substations.

Line voltage regulators

The increasing amount of power generated from renewable resources, especially wind and photovoltaics, is changing the structure of the energy supply.

EnCompass™ Agreements for Transformer Service

Hitachi Energy offers long-term EnCompass™ Agreements, which combine Transformer services in a modular and flexible way.
Hitachi Energy's power transformers

Power Transformers

Hitachi Energy offers a complete range of power transformers and related components and parts, including over twenty 800 kV UHVDC and over five hundred 735 - 765 kV AC units.