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Digital Solutions for Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals

Digital Solutions for Smart Mine Operations

Mining companies face a broad range of challenges. Maximizing yield in the face of declining grades, remote and technically challenging ore bodies, heightened sensitivity to environmental and CO2 emission impacts as well as unprecedented cost volatility and regulatory oversight requires more sophistication in the energy solutions and systems used to keep operations powered up and running smoothly.

Optimizing every aspect of the mining value chain

Creating Value with Smart Mining Operations

Find out how mining operators can build greener, safer, more efficient, and more profitable operations

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07-12-2022 | 7 min read

What are the first steps towards sustainable mining?

Mining operators are feeling the pinch to meet sustainability goals and adopt new digital technologies. But what are the first steps they can take to overcome these challenges?

Driving toward One Hitachi for Mining

One family of innovative products and solutions providing benefits at every point of the mining value chain

Solving your mining operations and electrification challenges

As a leader in driving the mining industry's energy revolution, our mining and minerals energy solutions enable efficient, cleaner electrification in the most reliable and responsible ways. Our solutions help ensure that your power infrastructure is “always-on,” critical operations run smoothly, your workers operate safely and efficiently, and assets run at their peak.


Sustainable Electrification

Reliable energy systems for a sustainable mining future.

Collahuasi, Chile. Copper mine with system 800xA

Digital Operations

Digital technologies for improved mining processes and increased productivity.

Connected Workforce

Asset & workforce solutions for enhanced mining safety and efficiency.

Who’s having success with Hitachi Energy

power plant engineer for substation

A new energy future is taking shape in the mining industry.

Let us partner with you on your journey to digitalization.