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Accelerating the electrification of public transportation at UITP 2023

By Thierry Lassus
30-05-2023 | 4 min read
The time to connect, charge and optimize your e-fleets is now. Get ready to move with us.

Cities are growing and passenger numbers are rising. Rapid urbanization is just one of the driving factors behind the quest for a low-carbon and greener society – and how people move is a prime concern for local governments around the globe.

As society becomes more attuned to the sustainability missions that underlay the Paris Agreement and the UN’s 2030 sustainability goals, operators are increasingly in need of more sustainable transportation options.

For cities, this means public transportation which can include: high-speed passenger rail, metro, light rail, trams, and electric buses.

The question of widespread electric vehicle uptake is no longer a matter of “if” but rather of “how soon?”

As public transport authorities and operators, you need sustainable options that help you connect your growing e-fleets to the grid, scale your depots with a cost-efficient and reliable infrastructure solution, and optimize energy costs so that your business remains profitable.

Join us at UITP

Over 15,000 people will gather in Barcelona, Spain to discuss how the transportation industry can accelerate the shift from fossil-based fuels to greener modes of transport, all whilst ensuring that our passengers move from 'A' to 'B' in a reliable manner.

This shift is driven by the electrification of transportation modes (rail, land, air & marine) and multiple other sectors which will collectively increase demand on our power grids. The resulting energy system of the future will be very complex and require the most advanced digital tools and software solutions.

On top of this, ensuring optimal and prescriptive maintenance strategies necessitates investment in real-time, intelligent data.

Digitalization is the only way to manage this grid complexity. We want to help you with this transition.

Connect your e-fleets to the grid
Sustainable mobility is growing exponentially around the world.

The average electric bus will require 300 to 500 kWh of total energy and currently, bus depots are not ready to handle this energy load… more power is needed.

To get ready for this shift to EV, you need insights into market trends and the ability to grow with the market. We believe in empowering cities with real-time data that can help you make the right in-vestments for your business.

Hitachi Energy, together with our partners, will showcase solutions in:

• Energy market intelligence
• Grid-to-plug solutions
• Strategic planning

Charge everywhere

So, you’ve purchased the electric bus fleet, but now where will you charge it?

Electrical solutions require a supporting, scalable infrastructure. This is the only way to increase your reliance on these greener alternatives. Yet, your current infrastructure likely is not ready to support the growing transportation era.

We believe that your electric infrastructure should be:

1. Scalable for your growing e-fleets,
2. Modular for increased agility, and
3. Occupy a small footprint.

Moreover, by complementing your depot with fast charging solutions along the bus route, you can increase ridership and offer more widespread services.

Throughout the week, our team will be showcasing a range of charging technologies including:

Grid eMotion Fleet and Flash charging
Battery energy storage solutions (BESS)
Grid Expand

Brisbane Metro hails in a new era of connected travel with a new fleet of electric and high-capacity metros.

Optimize & conserve energy at every stop

To maximize energy efficiency of your electric fleets, you’ll need access to an energy management system that centralizes energy supply and demand. Various and dynamic factors like user demand and traffic conditions all impact when and how much energy a vehicle consumes.

By adopting an intelligent energy management system, you can optimize your fleet scheduling to minimize costs and keep EVs moving. Not only does this reduce the environmental footprint across your network – it keeps you on the road longer.  

Hitachi Energy has many digital tools to help you with optimization which include:

One Hitachi

From electrification to digitalization, Hitachi brings you an end-to-end offering for your operations. Join Hitachi Energy and our colleagues at Hitachi Rail to revolutionize the way passengers move, sustainably.

The future of public transport is now. Let’s move.

The public transit sector has never been more committed to reducing CO₂ emissions.

We’re here to help you make sustainable mobility a reality.

    Thierry Lassus
    SVP Transport Industry Network Leader

    Thierry Lassus is currently CEO of Hitachi Energy Sécheron Ltd, world leader manufacturer and lead center of Traction Transformer for Hitachi Energy, a Joint Venture between Hitachi and Hitachi Energy.

    As a strong believer in the sustainable economy, Thierry is also leading the business on the Transportation segment of the Joint Venture, focusing on rail, land, marine and air transports, in 60 countries around the world. Under his leadership, the company delivers innovative on-board propulsion solutions for OEMs as well as complete wayside sustainable power supply solutions for any type of vehicles like train, tramway, trolleybus, e-bus, e-trucks, e-vessels and for smart airports. Thierry is also representing Hitachi Energy in different associations such as UNIFE, UITP, Nomands Foundation and he is a board member of CertX.