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Features Zurich, Switzerland 04-04-2022

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Hitachi Grid Academy offers a deep dive into offshore wind power

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Interest in offshore wind power generation has never been higher, so it is crucial that people entering the sector as well as those already in it have a deep understanding of offshore systems, the technologies on which they are based, and the latest trends driving offshore projects around the world.

Hitachi Energy has been a key driver of the offshore sector’s technological development and advancement for more than two decades, and is not only committed to accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system, but showing the world how it can be done.

Hitachi Energy’s team in Grid Integration, Power Consulting provides a live, online training session that offers a deep dive into essential offshore wind connection systems and technology, presented by experts in the field who are not only experienced and highly educated in the field themselves, but also know how to make complex ideas and technologies understandable.

The course is available through the Hitachi Grid Academy, which provides an array of “technology-agnostic” courses on electric power systems that focus on how systems work, not who makes them, helping organizations increase skill levels and stay up-to-date with the latest energy technology trends.

The goal of the offshore course is to highlight significant elements in offshore grid platforms relating to AC and DC systems, including power cabling, substations and power quality technologies. The 20-hour long online session can be spread over the course of a week or several days, and is tailored to individual companies, or offered in an open course that anyone can join.

“What makes us different is that our teachers are actually working themselves in the field on a daily basis,” said Helena Martinez, Training Practice Leader. “They enhance the theoretical analysis with the experience and views they acquire in their daily Consulting activities - and that is what makes the courses so special and interesting. Our teachers bring past as well as recent experience on offshore wind projects to the classroom.”

Mar Carmona, one of the course trainers, added: “Coming to Hitachi Energy Grid Academy means getting the knowledge from a very trustable source, as the world´s leading supplier in the field and built on experience acquired from more than a hundred years. But we don't try to sell our own technology in the course; instead, we advise and teach the atendees about the systems and technology they will need to use.”  

The online offshore training course from Hitachi Grid Academy covers current main offshore market trends; technologies behind offshore wind installations, including the structure of wind farms and power grid requirements; High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) transmission technologies in offshore installations; a detailed look at the types of compensation equipment needed in offshore installations, including Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and other systems; an examination of grid codes and specific compliance requirements for offshore wind generation; and the necessary system studies needed for offshore wind projects at different stages.