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RelCare for new builds

RelCare for new builds is the perfect solution for grid connection and power quality projects, as it helps to establish enterprise-grade asset management tools to:

  • cover the system with an end-to-end risk monitoring process utilizing data collected during regular inspections;
  • store technical information about components of the system;
  • organize the system’s data repository for project documentation, schemes, assets’ manuals, certificates, factory and site acceptance test reports, maintenance guidelines, etc.

Among the benefits of this new solution, our customers receive:

  • digital and sustainable paperless access to all the relevant information;
  • a complete overview of the system’s availability and reliability performance;
  • ability to simulate the impact of failures and how to respond to them.

Asset’s condition and importance insights allow to prescribe customized, high-value maintenance programs and undertake well-informed maintenance decisions over a lifetime. Digitalized support model offered during the warranty period includes yearly inspections directly reported in this digitally enabled component and aims to disrupt the customer experience. Finally, with RelCare for new builds, we assist our customers in bringing operations and maintenance to new heights.

Take your power quality and grid connection projects to the next level and get reliability ready from day one with Hitachi Energy.

RelCare for new builds

Values and enabled capabilities

Digital asset management for grid connection

Provide a light and rapid-to-deploy digital platform to store and organize all the technical information of your grid connection components, improving the overall management of the life cycle and assets.

Early Detection for Reliability

Detect potential failures before they cause downtime, ensuring your grid connection's reliability and optimal performance.

Tailored Preventive Maintenance

Prescribe maintenance programs based on the criticality level of the assets and their role in the systems, ensuring optimal performance and reducing downtime.

Proactive Risk Management

Manage the system's risk by proactively deciding on risk mitigation actions, such as spare parts stock, service levels, and O&M capabilities, ensuring optimal system functionality and reducing downtime.

Digital maintenance and asset performance management

Lay the foundation for digitalized maintenance operations, improving the performance, and overall lifespan of your grid connect assets through data-driven decision-making and predictive maintenance.

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